Blessed Are You

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The Beatitudes are perhaps the least understood passage of the Gospels. Yet in them, says Mother Mary Francis, a Poor Clare who spent a lifetime in prayer, “Christ delivers the Christian philosophy of life and gives the first course in theological living.” Indeed, the Beatitudes are the lens through which we should develop and live our spiritual lives.

Many authors have written about the Beatitudes, but none with the spiritual wisdom and exceptional clarity of Mother Mary Francis. She masterfully unpacks the meaning of each Beatitude, showing how they all interconnect to present a roadmap to holiness and happiness. Best of all, she helps you analyze your own life in light of the Beatitudes so you can chart a course toward reaching the pinnacle of holiness to which Christ is calling you. You'll learn:

Why those who are poor in spirit are the only ones who are truly free
How to display meekness without showing weakness
Why “spiritual flexibility” is important — and how to know if you have it
How practicing the Beatitudes makes us happy—even those who mourn
How to balance a sense of mercy with a thirst for justice
Why Jesus said blessed are “the peacemakers,” rather than “the peaceful”
The most important characteristics of a clean heart
Why it's easy for the voice of your own spirit to sound much like that of the Holy Spirit
The reason Christ wept (it had more to do with penance than with demonstrating His humanity)
The one Beatitude that is most often misinterpreted


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