Welcome to the Solanus Casey Center Gift Shop!  (313)-308-0650


Are the religious items blessed?

No, it is not allowed to sell blessed items. However, if you call or e-mail us we can have them blessed by one of the priest before we ship it.

Can I pay by Check?

Yes, Please Call 313-308-0605 to place your order.

Do you sell Blessed Solanus Relic’s?

No, they are blessed items. You will need to call the guild office 313-579-2100 Ext. 1140 to obtain relics.

Do you ship outside of the US?

Yes, Please email us to process your order. [email protected]

How long do the candles stay lit?

They are lit and placed in our Creation Garden for 5 days.

What are your store hours?

We are open 7 days a week 9:30am-4:30pm EST. We are closed on all major Holidays.